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  1. Anatolia Kabankov
    Anatolia Kabankov
    02.06.2014 at 17:16 Reply

    Yes indeed Thailand is home to sex tourism. So last summer we went with friends in Thailand and decided prikolnutsya over one another, come to hangout prostitutes and gave him 50 dollars saying that this is sufficient to order the most elegant prostitute. So he went, and five minutes later jumped like mad. So, as it turned out to him for 50 dollars gave the most fat prostitute who he claimed had at least 150 kilogram. Here's a fun and Thailand seconds, the guy from the fear was even afraid to go back to the stash to recover their money.

    1. Anna
      13.09.2014 at 17:26 Reply

      Anatoly, with my friend there was a case even more shocking than with yours! The main purpose of the guy was to experience the beauty of the erotic massage and the love of the Thai "girls". We persuaded him for a long time, stop for a massage with fish and get acquainted with an ordinary girl, spin a resort romance. All is in vain. One day, after visiting the street "Red Lanterns", my friend picked up a stunning beauty, speaking in pure English. The compassionate guy was so touched by the heart-rending stories, supposedly prompting the girl to become a prostitute, that he was ready to marry. At first they visited several nightclubs and strolled along the beach, the evening was shaping up nicely: kisses, hugs ... until it actually reached sex! A sweet girl was not a girl at all, but a travesty diva! Outwardly so attractive, but between the legs: man's dignity. Another little blow was not enough. To this day, he is remembered with a mockery. So, if you are not a fan of exotics - be extremely careful, there are lots of such confuses!

  2. Peter Cherry
    Peter Cherry
    10.07.2014 at 20:29 Reply

    I agree that there is nothing wrong with prostitution. A lonely man wants to have sexually fun, and a woman or a man is competent to help him in this for a stipulated fee. Both sides get what they want: the first is a pleasure, followed by a chase, and the second - material values ​​as a payment for the work done. Therefore, to think, since Thailand is famous for its well-developed sex industry, it is a country of debauchery and it is not possible to relax in a cultural way, unfortunately, it is by no means necessary. Kazhen gets what he needs, and cultural rest will not be prevented by "selling" sex, sorry for the expression.
    If you talk soothingly to those who arrived in Thailand is looking for good sex, you should pay attention to a rather satisfying price for it. Even if they seem high, it is not necessary to compare with some the girls on the side of the road, which runs near a village in the suburbs. It's all worth the money.
    I mean, I like a man who was vacationing in this country, is ready to declare that uniquely "worth it"! :)

    1. Sofia
      21.07.2014 at 13:53 Reply

      Agree with you. On the one hand, Thailand really is an entertainment center for men, where the sex industry is developed at a high level. But do not make of her some kind of wicked house. Every tourist sees what he wants to see. It's also nice that in Thailand, not only women's, but also male prostitution is developed. At what, at prices it is much more expensive than women's (checked with friends). It's nice that women also did not offend. Of course, men's intimate services are not as common as women's. Still, if you look carefully, you can find really good dens with not very high prices. Ideal for single women of the Balzac age. Basically, they are their main customers. I was in Thailand twice. And each time with friends, they took pictures of guys, but not for sexual pleasures. For erotic dance and massage. Despite the fact that sex was not the price of it does not become less. But if you look at prices for sexual services in Europe, Thailand naturally also offers quality services for a more affordable fee. To a dissolute life in Thailand are normal and many people come here to just relax and give vent to their desires, while not honoring the slightest shame.

  3. OlyaSivakova
    16.08.2014 at 19:12 Reply

    Prostitution is everywhere. Somewhere it is heavily advertised, and where not. But girls and men trying to make money, thanks to intimate services, are in every country. Everyone knows that Thailand is famous for its sex industry. I believe that there is nothing shameful about this. Everyone earns as much as he can. To some, this work brings great pleasure, and for them it is considered a favorite work. It seems to me that not only men come to Thailand to relax and satisfy their intimate needs, but also women. As far as I know, most tourists prefer erotic massage, which includes intimate services, sex shows. A girl can be taken out for a vacation for the whole vacation, she is a mistress, a servant, and a masseuse. And, if you take this service, then do not worry, every prostitute has a card, where all her personal data, and about theft, you do not have to worry. But this is another matter. The main thing is that people should rest with the mind. Remember that safe sex at the highest. You can rest, as you want, but do not forget about your health. Those who provide elite prostitutes, too, should be responsible for the safety of the girl and the client, because the client may also be sick, but as I understand it nobody cares about in Thailand. If you follow all the rules, then there will be no problems after that.

  4. OlyaSivakova
    16.08.2014 at 19:14 Reply


  5. Ivan Taranov
    Ivan Taranov
    11.09.2014 at 08:36 Reply

    In the near future I plan to go to this wonderful country and as a lonely man and as an experimenter for life the cost of sex in Thailand is a topic for me an actual or even the main motivation to visit this country. I think 50% of tourists if not more travels to rest in Thailand is why. One of my acquaintances told me how a local taxi driver took him from the airport, culturally offered his wife first, and then his daughter, explaining to the puzzled Russian that almost all women are engaged in the earliest profession, hinting at themselves. The cost of services is low due to great competition. The population in Tay is very poor. The country earns mainly on tourists, and sex, massage and erotic show programs are their calling card. Of course I do not want to get into a ridiculous situation as one of my acquaintances who decided to have fun with the priestess of love, and when she undressed between her legs dangled male dignity. After this incident, he began to look very carefully at women. Friends of the main thing be protected! How to come from Thailand to accomplish your goal.

  6. Larissa
    24.09.2014 at 19:44 Reply

    Madly want to visit Thailand again!
    A year ago, having been there with my girlfriends cheerful company, I returned with great impressions. Until now, when it comes to vacation and where to hit the road, I like a mad fanatic say, "I want to Tai!"
    I, of course, can not describe Thailand as sunny country, where you can taste the delicious and inexpensive local food goodies (I love to eat, and even so), but if we talk about the "social life", so to speak, I want to say this: in a word I'm shocked (as views on sex I have some others), and on the other hand takes its curiosity! If I were a man, probably definitely try to have fun with some of the local madam.
    Before heading to the Taylend, my interest in it warmed my darling who narasskazyvali me a lot of interesting things. For example, been there, he almost fell into the hands of local "girls" of easy virtue. You asked for! Decided not to slap a familiar girl on the ass, but it turned out later, it was not a girl.
    One will say exactly the husband of one in Thailand, I would not let go, considering how many girls there (and not only) is ready to please you, and given the prices for these services. But with him (now) again to go to Thailand for new games to our latest "ninety", it would be entertaining and interesting and just great! What we try to do in the near future!

  7. a guest
    a guest
    19.11.2014 at 02:37 Reply

    goats you muzhiki.chtob his hat hover in the distance from his wife prepares his second dunk x &&& any cesspool

  8. Vasya
    01.07.2016 at 15:46 Reply

    Ladyboy for 15-30 thousand baht? What ... was writing this article ?? !!)) Expensive girls? They sometimes can go free.

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