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  1. Alexey
    28.08.2014 at 07:15 Reply

    The possibilities of rest in Thailand are not limited to the sea and the beach, but what about what is Thailand famous for in the first place? Why do wealthy Europeans go there, and not only Europeans, but also Russian tourists? Of course this is sex tourism, forbidden in most parts of the world, but legal in Thailand is a pleasure, for not big in general, then money. You can buy yourself a wife for a rest period, which will fulfill all your desires, which you can only dream of at home, while she will cater to all everyday situations, such as washing clothes, feeding lunch and so on. This is especially true of German citizens. Even in the fairy-tale kingdom, the show of transvestites is in demand, it is also a signature "dish", or where it is no longer legalized. In general, locals are well aware of the desires of tourists and professionally satisfy their needs. All this attracts tourists from all over the world, as something not usual, I would even say forbidden, and attractions, sea, beaches and so on, enough in the world and without Thailand.

  2. Nur Arif Bin Hassan
    Nur Arif Bin Hassan
    16.07.2015 at 07:44 Reply

    Saya hanya mahu tanya:
    i. Apa nama bahagian di selatan Thailand yang aman?
    ii. Apa nama bahagian di selatan Thailand yang tidak aman? (Maksudnya berlaku tembak-menembak, rusuhan, bom dan lain-lain)

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