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  1. [...] For several centuries, peoples migrated to Thailand from one river valley to the other. Limbo THAILAND [...]

  2. LiaBlack
    29.08.2014 at 23:13 Reply

    Recently my husband and I went for a vacation to Phuket! About how there is delicious, inexpensive rented a bike from them is something of a national transport, walking nobody goes there, so we traveled all the beaches, the water is clean at all. And the air! - When I arrived home, just choking on exhaust ... Very pleased with an abundance of fruit, we have tried all kinds of opportunities that we could. That only Thais of them do not, dried, pickled, canned, make jam, more unusual, but delicious!

  3. Maria
    30.08.2014 at 00:41 Reply

    Than Thailand attracts and strikes? Almost everybody, ranging from historical moments and considering many aspects of cultural trends, together with the customs yes way of life of the local population. When a person has an interest in knowing, the desire to know all blue-eyed beauty of the planet, which is called the earth, he certainly will bypass this region. Certainly, there is much to learn on Thailand. Not necessarily it must be something in fact, it might be just, and the ability to perceive the world.
    No, I is not had the joy to visit, fate has not given me such syurpriziki, but hope glimmers that best is still to come. Although not treat fans of exotic and do not purport to set foot on the piece of land because of its tourists so clearly chosen. It's like flying dreams, desires, sparks that arises spontaneously. Eyeing cute and learn constantly, to wander trails that gently lead to various places of interest - is not making a vivid brushstrokes in our lives?

  4. Anastasia
    31.08.2014 at 20:58 Reply

    Thailand is perhaps the most stunning country I have ever visited! Their culture is simply fascinating! And such unusual fruits and seafood in Thailand you will not try anywhere else! I think everyone at least once in a lifetime must visit this place.

  5. Faina
    25.09.2014 at 18:05 Reply

    Sometimes Thailand resembles a motley picture of color, on which, despite its abundance, it did not mix in a gray monotonous mass, but could preserve its self-sufficiency. And in Thailand there are many different: different nationalities, different faiths, different languages, political views, not to mention people and animals. This kingdom combined ancient history and culture with a fairy-tale nature. Rock paintings, temples and palaces of varying degrees of antiquity make this country incredible in mystery and depth. Culture gives this country a sense of unreality, as if you are in some fantastic space. The most pleasant discovery in Thailand, after his culture, is his cuisine, a huge variety, but the main non-standard of these dishes for a European resident. The caloric content is light, but the abundance of spices gives it an incomparable taste, although it's worth to be careful with spicy dishes, especially those with a weak stomach. A separate chapter is the fruit. Now many exotic fruits are not new to us, but such different and so fresh are hard to find in our stores. The choice of fruits is great, the prices are acceptable and the people there have learned to shape them so, carving out different shapes of flowers and animals, which is even a pity.

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