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  1. kabdygani
    21.06.2014 at 20:15 Reply

    Good article! especially liked about jogging in the morning. Worth a try ...

  2. Meliska
    21.06.2014 at 20:22 Reply

    The topic that touched on in the article, is global and actual belonging to the nationality and place of residence.
    It is important to be beautiful and healthy, is not it?
    It is an interesting message that the rice can not eat meat. In all Eastern countries would always served with soup, or a hearty dinner will not, which means the person does not receive a supply of energy to work and sports. Thus, it is best to eat rice with vegetable salad.
    To lose weight fast, you need to walk into a restaurant with a friend, share everything in half. And friendship is good, and healthy!
    Every 4 hours necessary to arrange a small snack: fruit or vegetables. The mood will improve, and power will be added!
    If you have a choice of how to prepare your own favorite food, it is best to cook or bake something in the oven. This is most useful rather than fried foods.
    Thai diet may seem a paradise for all lovers of exotic pineapple and papaya. Without them will not do dessert, so enjoy and lose weight.
    Do not forget that life - a movement, yet no one interfered with a quick walk or jog in the fresh air. Go for a beautiful figure and health!

  3. Fabia123
    21.06.2014 at 20:34 Reply

    Yes, all right UTB simplicity pishet.Takzhe prisoidinyayus a word esle you have a goal which you want to go, and you try to also delayete utmost course UTB your goal zbutitsya 100%. (From personal experience)).
    You also need to have willpower.
    I still liked about rice diet. Tasty and prosto.Mne why she liked it more than most.
    It is also interesting. Spasibo.Zhelayu luck.

  4. Natalia
    21.06.2014 at 21:07 Reply

    When I first heard about the Thai diet, I thought about Thai diet pills. Just about them a lot of information on the Internet. But after reading this article, I realized that the meaning of the diet is quite different. The discovery was that pineapple is not a "burner" of fat, and eating it on an empty stomach is not recommended. As for meat, I have my own observations. In eastern countries, in contrast to European, meat is served in small pieces. Apparently, this is also part of not only the culinary culture, but also the diet. Dinner and alcohol. I do not know how much you will be enough, if you do not consume food with alcohol. A salad leaf and Thai rum or whiskey? Well I do not know. About fast food with the Thais quite agree. We were spoiled on fast, but not very healthy food. I support this rule. In Thailand, there are so many fruits that you can forget about hamburgers and burgers. Eat passion fruit, papaya, longkong, mangosteen, jackfruit, drink lychee juice, coconut milk. Yes, you never know what in the Thai markets. In general, the diet is not so terrible. It is quite acceptable for both tourists and at home.

  5. Yanit
    21.06.2014 at 22:41 Reply

    I began to read the article, interested in the title. By its activity, more than 10 years, I'm in the countries of Asia. Really noticed that in large cities "pampoochikov" has become more than in the provinces. Also in our company it is very noticeable who has some direction. Thus, employees in charge of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan practically do not recover during business trips, while the curators of Asian countries noticeably add. I believe that fast food is the scourge of modern mankind, no matter in what country you live, and what food habits you had before formed. All that is described in the article is not a Thai diet, these are the principles of proper nutrition that are relevant both for Europe and for Asia. On the theme of DINNER AND ALCOHOL, it is necessary to have a snack, but it is more correct to do it with vegetables and fruits. And, of course, know the measure. When switching to this food system, the main desire to be healthy and follow the principle of Socrates "is to live, not live to eat."

  6. Chen
    21.06.2014 at 22:42 Reply

    Thai food is very low in calories and includes in its composition a decent addition of vegetables and fruits. I felt everything on my own stomach, repeatedly resting in Thailand. I do not want to agree with the author of the article that at the resort you will most likely get a couple of extra pounds for your complexion. Everything depends on your own food culture and attitude to your health. While in Thailand they ate in cafes, but what really liked this dinner in the mini markets in the rows of trays with food being prepared on fire and in the stoves. In the main menu of such natural dishes there was chicken and fish, in a small part not fatty pork. Is it possible to get fat from such nutrition? Stuck freshly cooked meat with a rice cake, dipping it into a spicy sauce. It is quite tasty and having tasted such not cunning meal, long does not pull on snacks. And Thai fruits with their variety and taste qualities will amaze any tourist. It's not enough to try everything. Therefore, I do not see much sense in adhering to a special diet, whether it is Thai or Russian. It's just that any self-respecting individual should have a normal food culture. And about the presented variants of Thai diets absolutely does not surprise their vastness. Still, with such iridescence of products and not to understand their most useless factors and the moments of influence on the state of health of the consumer, especially in Thailand.

    1. Mitsumi
      22.06.2014 at 20:52 Reply

      I agree with you. But not all 100%. My personal experience confirms that even eating properly, "according to the instructions," you can put on weight. And the bottom line is that I personally do not fit certain products. These products proved to cereal and potatoes. Once removed from their diet - everything came back to normal. So choosing any diet, you need to first examine ourselves.

    2. Mitsumi
      22.06.2014 at 21:13 Reply

      And about the divisibility of power and breaking it into small portions - it's just the perfect way to bring myself back to normal for those who can not give up on some products. You can eat a little bit, but often. Many doctors advise healthy meals for those who have problems with the digestive tract. This contributes to improvement of metabolic processes in the body. A, respectively, and weight loss, but rather bring to normal body weight in relation to height.

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