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  1. Alexander
    02.06.2014 at 17:47 Reply

    Thai boxing is, without exaggeration, one of the most difficult and harsh types of martial arts. Studying it, athletes train not only the body, but also spiritual balance. In principle, any kind of martial arts, in the first place, fosters the spirit of the fighter, but Thai boxing pays special attention to this. Another advantage, as stated at the beginning of the article, is that a Thai boxer has the ability to fight without special conditions, for example, as in a normal box where it is forbidden to use legs that are a vulnerable part of the boxer. The ability of real Thai professional fighters to break the concrete blocks with their hands, and to break down the bamboo trunks is amazing! The battle itself passes like a small show or performance with a certain ritual and attire.
    We have hard to find a school "Muay Thai" with masters of Oriental origin, basically - it's all the students who have passed the school in Thailand, at best, and at worst - have graduated from the local school. But, if you stick to the right goal, we can achieve good results.
    I would love to have visited the homeland of origin of this ancient martial art would have looked at the staged fights and competitions. Be sure to schedule an afford such a trip!

  2. Vlad
    03.06.2014 at 17:21 Reply

    Alexander, I completely agree with you. Catching the third year in a Thai boxing Ukrainian club "East", I discovered a lot. This sport is unique, each who practice it with great desire, achieves great success. After several years of practice, a few dozen competitions, hundreds of sparring, I feel a great strength and confidence.
    Thai fighters, a lot of respect to them - is flawless people who get up in the morning and practicing until the evening. Kaneshno for many men who live in Thailand, to become a fighter is the only chance to get out of poverty. Imagine how much he's popular, much like we have football, there more than 2 thousand clubs Thai Boxing and more 120 thousand amateurs and about 10 thousand professionals.
    In many countries, including in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus is popular this sport. And even has its champions in the world.
    I personally very much wants to go to Thailand and even just to attend a training session and take a couple of lessons.

  3. Eugene
    21.07.2014 at 14:05 Reply

    I watched not so long ago, a telecast on the channel Fighter, just about the Thai boxing. Lead Special Forces, I forget the whole name. They showed gyms, sportsmen. So I wanted to study there. Vlad, I also have such a dream. Work out at least a month, with professionals in their field)) The atmosphere there, you can not imagine. Yes, and the very spirit of Thailand. Yes, I read here and decided that I will save money for a trip to the Mecca of Thai boxing. I did not know that their kings were even boxers. I wonder how they ruled?))) The sad fact is that Thai boxing is traumatic, and how high mortality was written. Well though the rules have changed. Vlad, have you ever done anything before? I have been boxing for about 3 years, before this Sambo, karate, began to notice behind myself that I began to work more with my hands and I am waiting for blows from the hands. So I want to dilute a bit, so to speak, the technique, wave your legs and at the same time relax. Only now there is another question, training, living and rest, really will fly out to a lot of money, so I'll save a year, then I'm torn for a month, I think that's enough for a start. Learn the technique of the legs of the hands, movement, etc. Can you advise gyms or coaches? Can I register on the Internet in advance? Thank you.

  4. Ross
    25.10.2015 at 11:35 Reply

    December 2015 looking for travel for a week or two of training camp. Who experienced, give tips and recommendations. Where there is the owner of the camp - a Korean?

  5. Ross
    26.10.2015 at 04:27 Reply

    Where are my comments yesterday? I'm going to fly in December and looking for travel to training camp. Need more info at the moment of time at prices and current halls.

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