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  1. [...] Thailand as of 1997 525 year GDP amounted billion. [...]

  2. Marina
    09.09.2014 at 23:49 Reply

    The main thing is that all political situations do not interfere with our tourists to visit this beautiful country. All countries have passed, and some have been tested by time and political authorities, acquire new allies and quarrel with the old, any country must survive the upheavals, so that people begin to appreciate what they are given. But why get involved in trouble, when the climate is beautiful, the sea is pure and the sun shines, friendly local people complement the idealistic picture. In general, the Thais seemed to me the most peaceful people, I was not interested in history before, and for me such stormy events of the past in the country are unexpected. At the moment, more and more quietly and calmly rage only wild monkeys in the jungle, where there are a lot of them and every tourist wants to feed. Thailand like the abundance of islands, it is easy to find a secluded and quiet place and be alone with myself, for example, for me such a place was Koh Chang Island, so that if tired of domestic and political problems of a better place to forget about all problems not be found .

    1. Yuliya
      12.09.2014 at 15:47 Reply

      Marina, all political unrest for the Kingdom of Thailand in the past. This is good. You can safely go to rest, do not worry about armed conflicts. Every country in the past turbulent period of the wars and thousands of victims, and their small or large sea of ​​blood spilled. In my opinion, turned out in the past centuries contacts with European and Asian countries continue to positively work for the country. Visiting the Kingdom of Thailand, I had the impression of a country as prosperous, rich with ancient cultural and religious traditions.

      Yes, the natives very peaceful, but not a small income from tourism adds to their political and military peace, despite the military in power.

      A country with a wonderful climate, rich in resources, and what the nature of magic! Cote d'Azur and sandy beaches beckon. A jungle with lots of animals to pull the adventure. Indeed, in Thailand every tourist will find rest to their liking, purses, and the level of extreme. And if you take a trip to Bangkok, you can plunge into the history of this wonderful country in museums.

  3. Lisa
    22.09.2014 at 19:10 Reply

    Yes, the history of each country is interesting, what is the country of the town. Everything has its own history. The main thing is that now Thailand has a developed infrastructure. It is impossible to stay without medical care or telephone service. Despite the fact that the country had to experience much of the standard of living here, the average. Prices in shopping malls, which are many here, are quite low. The most interesting thing is that the tourist business began to develop here in the early eighties. Much attention was paid to Phuket, which today is irresistible. Although the main role is played by nature, but here the landscapes enchant.
    The country is considered democratic, not only on paper, but the real world. Thailand is a free country. Here, all comply with the laws and the basic principles of life on Buddhism. Thais are generally patient people, but for the last year have experienced problems and revolution and wild economic downturn. But Thais optipisty in life, they have overcome all these problems and come to a new level of life. I hope that in the near future it will be a country with a very strong economy!

  4. tsvynda
    23.09.2014 at 22:05 Reply

    Thailand really has changed dramatically over the past decade. No wonder this country is held in such high demand among travelers. I think it really is worthy of attention. What stands alone nature of Thailand. If the infrastructure of the city was not at all developed, I would in any case gone to Thailand. Although many of my friends happy is the huge number of different tourist attractions. Not what the country can boast such a developed tourist area.
    I was very surprised by the contrast of entertainment. Here you can relax, as a cultural diving, museums. You can relax spiritually, visiting temples and holy places. And you can come off in full in nightclubs or even go to a sex tour. Certainly everyone will find something to enjoy for everyone. However, I think Thailand has ceased to be exotic, just the same after the tourism was put on stream, and is a minus. Sometimes want to go to a unique place that has not yet had time to take a fancy to the crowds.

  5. margo17
    24.09.2014 at 18:38 Reply

    As the history goes, the development of Thailand has been going on for many centuries. Over the centuries, trade and diplomatic relations with various countries were established. The state apparatus was also transformed. Power was replaced by many rulers. Each of them made its mark in the development of the country. Someone is positive, and some are negative. In any case now in the 21st century the country is sufficiently developed. Especially in the tourism sector. In Thailand, a lot of extraordinary beauty of cities, islands, and simply fascinating and unforgettable places. And what an amazing architecture. Anyone who has been here can not remain indifferent. Of course, tourists are an integral part of the budget of Thailand. And according to this government, the country must take care that the political situation in the country remains calm. And then even more tourists from all over the world will come here. After all, Thailand is not only a country with a history, but it's still a wonderful, extraordinary place.

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