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  1. Tatyana
    21.05.2014 at 09:30 Reply

    Maybe someone likes iceboys, they do not like me at all. I do not want to insult or offend anyone, it's just my subjective opinion. In fact, I'm just afraid of them. A normal person with a healthy psyche, never begins to change sex. After reading your article about the Catholics, I was even more firmly established in my opinion. Okay, I'm a woman, and they will not stick to me so clearly, although they are not indifferent to the female sex. It's not very pleasant for me to realize that such a Russian speaking woman, a peasant woman, will solicit my husband. If you reject the personal phobia to the ladyboys, then it becomes, even a pity. They poor carry numerous operations to change the sex. This is the same as the permanent damage to one's health. And what only are the hormonal drugs that they have to constantly take. It's only at first glance at them, it seems that they have an easy life. In fact, no one knows for what reason these men decided to change the floor. Tourists just do not get used to dealing with iceboys. But those Russians who have been living in Thailand for a long time get used to meeting such characters on the street. I like the way Thai people treat transsexuals. Still, probably, it's in the Thai religion, otherwise the Thais would not treat this kind of Catholics with such understanding.

    1. Elena
      26.05.2014 at 21:46 Reply

      Yes, Tatyana, you can not disagree. I'm just disgusted with the very idea that some kind of creature, to put it mildly, can solicit my husband. I imagine myself having a scene-the husband went out into the street. Well, there's little for what and this "it" aggressively offers its "services." of this situation I can say that he is very unlucky, since my husband has fairly standard views on life and this kind of behavior will cause him only fury, in short, a fight is secured. And what about pity, then of course such people only deserve it. a normal person in his right mind to decide to make an opera sex change even for how many believe to somehow earn their living.This people with unhealthy psyche and no sex-change operation can solve this problem. And the fact that the Thais themselves and the Russians living for a long time in the Thailand treats them calmly, so this is already a matter of habit. Even a miracle will not seem so if you face it every day. As for religion, I do not know if there is at least one religion in the world that approves of sex change and the like.

  2. Bogdan
    23.05.2014 at 11:52 Reply

    It was interesting to read your opinion, Tatiana, as women - I want to express my own, like a man. I am very negative about transsexuals, although I have never met them yet. Perhaps I met, but did not understand who was in front of me. This is one of my fears - to stir up with a girl who may not be exactly the girl. Saves the fact that I have never been a womanizer and character only one lady. It remains to find the current of the same ... On the other hand, I really love to travel, and in a country like Thailand - many people dream to go and refuse it because of transsexuals is not worth it. You just need to prepare yourself well: read more information about the iceboys and how to bypass them, take things for self-defense or be like martial arts courses (you need to know the laws of Thailand, so as not to jangle behind bars) or something else.
    But in general, I think you were born and live. Of course, there are different situations in life, but to change the floor - it has to be one of the last options!

    1. Catherine
      26.05.2014 at 09:36 Reply

      Bogdan, I do not want to judge them, but of course you as a guy should be more careful. Many of these ladyboys, as my friend-guy thinks, are much more attractive and take care of themselves, unlike most girls. Of course, at first this comment offended me, but then I thought, and I realized that I should take this note. After all, they really are trying to attract a man, and I think on the guys from the number of tourists they also hope. I wonder how many guys have fallen for their bait. Then he and Thailand, an amazing place in which there are many mysteries. But I just do not want to be treated with any prejudice. Little does that they have there in my head, but in life in general. And by the way it turns out they are divided into types, it's really interesting. And why so many in Thailand is also interesting to know. It strikes me sometimes how they strive to become almost real women, and in fact some really do serious operations. We do not understand what's in their heads. But I wish you Bogdan, to meet your really, genuine girl.

    2. Alya
      26.05.2014 at 12:15 Reply

      In Thai, the attitude towards transsexuals much more tolerant than other peoples. Perhaps because of Buddhism, it's still a matter of fact, the most tolerant religion. And they themselves are more calm and polite, unlike our compatriots.
      I was twice in Thailand, so I can share my observations with you. Bogdan, do not be afraid, no one will rush at you, filthyly molest and rape. Yes, the behavior of some individuals can be challenging, but believe me - this is their job and even they understand the words and if you do not want to communicate with them, they will not, go in search of another client. The main thing is that you yourself, do not show aggression, excessive curiosity and do not show contemptuous attitude towards them. Otherwise, in this case, you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation, get over the brains and even, polite travel police, will be here, not on your side.
      And by the way, Kato, who took the whole cycle of operations, ranging from genital mutilation, removal of the Adam's apple, hormone therapy and surgery on the vocal cords, you can not distinguish from a real woman. But it's very expensive, every second can afford it. And the rest of the trance is easy to calculate. Especially a lot of them in Patong.

  3. Elena
    25.05.2014 at 19:53 Reply

    Bogdan, what are you writing :)? What are the "things for self-defense", what are the "martial arts courses" !? Do you suppose that Catholics will start attacking you on the street and grab you by the fly? First, if you do not go to themed bars or sexually oriented places, no one will ever bother you. In Thailand, very tactful and lovely people who respect other people's personal space, and just respecting other people. As for tourists, it is generally their source of income, and no one will "spit into the well." And secondly, the religion of the Thais is very different from ours, I would say "Russian" religion, so do not condemn them. And it is not known, no matter what decision you, I or any other compatriot of ours, would take, if you were born in Thailand, were raised by the Thais, and from childhood you would have heard and seen that sex change is the norm. Thirdly, the religion of the Thai people reckons people of the "third" sex almost to sacred and mystical creatures, that is, it is more honorable for them than shameful.
    And by the way, Thai women are really no different beauty and harmony, so if you are in Thailand will ogle pretty high Asian, run :)

  4. Alsu
    09.06.2014 at 18:43 Reply

    Of course many people, so many opinions !!!! But I still can not understand how could change sex! Well smotrishb so beautiful from the outside, well, that life still it was not enough, God has made you a girl, you and should live and enjoy it !!! You have to become a mother, the guardian of the family hearth, and they have nothing to do! what can we say about Thailand, where we already have in this year's Eurovision 1 place transfistitu give, and what people think of the jury, which their picks, kshmar * (

  5. Zita
    15.07.2016 at 17:04 Reply

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  6. k
    01.08.2016 at 15:38 Reply

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