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  1. Vladimir Markin
    Vladimir Markin
    19.08.2014 at 13:07 Reply

    Kamala's beach is very beautiful, there was an opportunity to visit there. In general, I liked two beaches there - it's Kamala and Karon, they're both super. If we talk about Kamala, then the coastline is large enough, but divided into parts. I would also like to note that the infrastructure around the beach is very well developed, but there is no day and people are not so much compared to other places. We, to get to this beach, crossed the road from the hotel and descended a little lower among the trees. The road is not busy, so you should not be afraid. The most interesting is that the whole beach from the expensive is well fenced off by forest planting, there are shrubs and large trees, and therefore no noise from the movement of cars is heard at all. In addition, there are several small cafes on the beach, there you can drink juices, and we bought coconuts, if not mistaken for 40 baht in all. You can only note one thing, there is no toilet and shower for visitors. We tried to spend almost all day on the beach, there are also special beds and almost always free ones. They left early in the morning, at 7 hours and until nine in the morning, they spent time there, then came in the afternoon, when the sun almost went to the side. The shore is sandy, not stone, it's also very good. To the depth to go far is not necessary, about 12-15 meters and the water is already up to my throat, it suited me, too. Jellyfish is not here, so do not be afraid. Happy with the time spent on this beach.

  2. hope
    21.08.2014 at 19:08 Reply

    Last summer, my husband and I went to a romantic trip to the beach in Phuket Kamala.
    It is a real paradise for lovers of two hearts.
    Full suspension civilization city. You can sit in one of the restaurants located on the beach and just relax, listen to the noise of the approaching wave.
    The beach is surrounded by incredible scenery, coconut palms create a feeling of paradise and all the problems at once evaporate week by the wayside.
    During the day we just loved to lie under the palm trees and watch the surrounding us form mountains and the bay. In the evening, we went up the hill and watched as the fire before the sun goes down into the sea.
    Near the hill there are two small lagoons. Going down the closer we saw in the source rages real life. Great abundance of marine life I was very surprised.
    Late in the evening did not have to be bored. We visited cultural cents. The acting and special effects, the audience was allowed to move in mysterious Thailand and feel its spirit and traditions.
    Do not forget the feeling remained. A trip on the upcoming return of a little spoiled my mood, but my favorite has promised again svozit in this paradise.

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