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  1. Anastasia
    21.05.2014 at 09:12 Reply

    Thailand we really loved the first visit and flew to Pukhet on vacation already 4 times. Flew for the first time, not knowing anything about the country or about the conditions of stay there, so took a tour at a travel agency and a pre-selected hotel.
    For the second time in Phuket decided to relax with your favorite friends, and that persuaded us that the hotel is comfortable villa. After an hour of debate, we succumbed to them and agreed to spend your holiday in a villa. Each villa is a swimming pool, and outsiders are not using it. We are interested in this holiday, as it is often in the holiday resort of us overshadowed only adverse violent neighborhood numbers or noise and splashing young and too active companies in the pool.
    Another advantage of the villa for us was a small, but its sanitized area. And the price of the hotel and villas is not much different. Here it is necessary to choose a vacation who loves quiet calm in noisy environments or other settlers of the hotel? Now we just have a rest with the people that decide decide to spend our holiday in a comfortable villa in Phuket.

  2. jollo
    21.05.2014 at 09:20 Reply

    Very good article, quite informative. My husband and I adjusted our vacations for a long time, so that we could rest together somewhere. And when, in the end, we did it, we faced a dilemma, where we should rest. And you know our choice was not very original)) As most of our people went to Thailand. We bought a ticket in the first available agency and went to rest. We picked up the average room in the hotel, without any frills. Bed, shower room and everything. I will not say that we were too disappointed, but thanks to the experience that has appeared and this article, we will approach it more responsibly. Most likely we will choose the villa, I think it's really more convenient.

  3. Christina
    21.05.2014 at 09:59 Reply

    A little more and I will go on a long-awaited vacation. Like all those who are fed up with the city, I have already begun to look for somewhere to relax. In principle, with the place I decided quickly - naturally Thailand and of course Phuket. I was not there yet, but I heard plenty of positive feedback. The girlfriend was there last year, came excited and with a great desire to return there again. She showed me a lot of pictures from the rest and I noticed that on many of them flashed a stunning villa. At first I thought that it was so, purely for Ponte, but it turns out that she lived this villa. I was in shock! I, as a true tourist, have already planned to book a hotel room ticket, and here it is ... And what is most interesting, the room in this villa was not expensive and quite comfortable. Around almost no soul - no you are annoying "countrymen", no children's screams - peace and quiet. According to the girlfriend, there is a feeling that you are somewhere on another planet. After she told me, I now do not even think about it - I'll look for a suitable villa for a chic vacation.

  4. Catherine
    21.05.2014 at 10:05 Reply

    Of course, despite what company to go. For example, if my husband and I go on a journey together, then of course take the hotel, a large villa we do not need.
    But if we go with the child, who is only 2 years, we are likely to stay in a villa. After all, a child of this age need to separate his usual food and sleep he is special. He's sleeping only one in the room, so the hotel is not an option right (we then what to do with her husband during his sleep?). We in Europe when traveling with the child, too, take the apartment rather than a hotel because of this. Especially villas are located near the sea and pool, some have their.
    Prices in Phuket is much lower than in Europe, so the price of apartments in Europe can rent a small villa with swimming pool in Phuket.
    Who does not want to cook yourself, you can hire a cook, but we certainly will not. I do not like strangers as cleaners and cooks in their territory. All she prefers to do. But as anyone. My girlfriend hates to cook, that's her version with a cook fit. It is necessary to tell her, and then she just looking for a base for your holiday

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