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  1. Valery
    17.03.2015 at 06:01 Reply

    Prompt please: what is necessary to carry documents to replace the annual Thai driver's license for five years.
    Yours faithfully Valery.

    1. SI Group
      17.03.2015 at 08:37 Reply

      Valery, good afternoon!
      If you have a work visa, you need to have with him only a passport, workpermit, 2 photo and a certificate from the doctor about the vision, the same as you did the first time.

      If you have an educational or other non-working visa, then this package of documents required more information about the address of the Office of Immigration.

      In both cases, do not forget to bring your old license! Otherwise, it will be asked to write a statement about the loss.

      Photo size Department does not specify. Make advance copies of these documents or copies can be made directly at the building of the Department of Transport.

      Right to 5 years issued only in the presence of a work visa. Otherwise, you will be given new rights for another year 1.

      In the Department of Transportation must arrive early in the morning, as you will need to go back task "Traffic Light" and listen to a lecture.

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